Sparkling Christmas Wreath Tutorial

If you’re starting to feel festive, then you might be thinking of getting the crafting kit out and making some new decorations. Here is a super simple DIY which gives beautiful, sparkly results and you don’t need to be a mega crafting whizz to do it.

This is the perfect Christmas craft to use up any baubles that might be a little worse for wear or just ones you don’t use on the tree anymore – repurposing and recycling is so much fun!

Tools and Materials

  • Wreath base (polystyrene or wire will work)
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Tinsel
  • Baubles
  • Mat or table protector of some sort


Step 1

The first thing you will want to do is to attach a ribbon onto your wreath. We just used a larks head knot pulled as taut as possible – it doesn’t matter how you attach your ribbon, just remember to make it long enough to hang where you want to display it.

Step 2

Next, use your hot glue gun to pop a dab of glue onto the wreath base, right next to your ribbon. This is where you will start wrapping the tinsel onto the wreath.

Using tinsel which has shapes within it really adds to the overall finish of your decoration and variegated tinsel also adds detail and depth.


Step 3

Continue to apply dabs of glue as you wrap your tinsel around the wreath base. You don’t need to glue as you go, but it does help to stabilize the tinsel and make sure it won’t move around and leave any gaps.


Step 4

Onto the glitz! You will want to remove the caps from your baubles as you don’t need them – they will get in the way when it comes to glueing them onto the wreath.

You could place your baubles around the wreath to decide on a design before you start adding glue, or you could just go for it and see what happens.

QUICK TIP: Make sure you don’t put same baubles really near to one another, try to get a balance of colors and finishes across the entire wreath.

Step 5

The final step is to glue all of your baubles onto the tinsel-covered wreath. Create a symmetrical design if you have an even amount of each bauble type, or just create a fab random design.

You now have your own handmade, sparkling bauble wreath!

This craft is so customizable – you can create something to really match your own home decor style or make one for a friend or family member as a gift. Like we said earlier, this doesn’t take a whole lot of expertise to make, so you might be making them for everyone!!!

If you are wanting to create a specific look, you can probably find some really inexpensive baubles at the dollar store and you’re more than likely to find any colors you could ever wish for. So have fun with this sparkling Christmas wreath tutorial.




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