Spring Summer 2015 Jewelry Trends

While Spring/Summer 2015 is all about minimalism, one can’t ignore the bling of jewelry. Last year’s nose rings make way for choker and breastplate necklaces, mismatched earrings and statement pendants. Designers explored new forms as well as materials such as feathers, fur and wood.

Statement Pendants

Curious and a bit extraordinary were on mind of the designers, who came up with the range of these interesting and quite noteworthy forms of pendants, introducing more and more creatively worked out and quite spectacular forms and styles. For inspiration you may have a look at the hand-shaped relic pendants by Celine, the encaged stone by Giorgio Armani, the curious chained option by Derek Lam, and many others.




The single-earring trend has given way to a new take on ear ornamentation—the unbalanced look. Whether off in color or asymmetrical in shape or length, the beauty is found in the irregularity.

Hippie Jewelry

Hippie inspired jewelry pieces also managed to catch our attention here coming explained with the typical color diversity and a variety of shapes. Especially noteworthy were the hippie colorful fringed necklaces from Creatures of the Wind, the green big jewel hanging from the silver bracelet seen at Derek Lam, the circular forms from Emilio Pucci, the feathery designs from Etro, the necklaces of Louis Vuitton, as well as the options from Marni, Narciso Rodriguez, Stella Jean, etc.


Chokers also came with a renovated and great design, combining textures, colors, combinations and details. For inspiration, you can check out such looks as the translucent with gold options from Balmain, the mosaic interpretations from Chanel, the chained jewelry pieces from Christian Dior, the pearled looks from Coach, the dual stripes from DKNY, the single mosaic chokers from J.W. Anderson, the choker with pendant piece from Lanvin, the bejewelled looks from Ralph Lauren or the luxurious option from Versace.

Wooden Jewelry

Wood is the following keyword for the next fashion trend we are going to speak about right now, and wood jewelry is the following way of reaching the perfection with other ideally worked out forms and details, creating quite innovative and great looks out of simple and noteworthy accessories. Thus you may have a look at the asymmetrical forms of wooden necklaces and jewels from Nina Ricci, the squared wood bracelets from Donna Karan, the abstracted wood earrings from Marni and others.

Leather and Fur Jewelry

Leather and fur appear to be the following accentuating materials that many of the designers boldly opted for coming up with multi-colored and beautiful looks. Such were the two great interpretations by Fendi, and Isabel Marant in both cases of which we encountered quite a creative approach towards these classic and luxurious details. The ponytail bracelet of Nicholas K also looks extremely unique and pretty. As for fur, the ear poms at Timo Weiland are probably the coolest interpretations we may note.

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