Spring / Summer 2016 Jewelry Trends

Looking to update your jewelry collection with some new pieces that are right on trend for spring and summer 2016? In this post, we’re covering some of the latest jewelry trends found on the catwalks. Look out for replications of these on the high street (or better still, make your own versions)!

Metal body jewelry

There’s a definitive industrial or post-apocalyptic type look and feel to some of the jewelry trends that we’re seeing for spring/summer 2016. Examples are thick and chunky chains, burnished metals and even small pieces of hardware set within necklaces or bracelets.

In terms of body jewelry, trends seem to have progressed from shoulder jewelry last year to chains that cross over the torso this year (see top middle picture from the Alexander McQueen collection). We’ve seen these in both delicate and very dramatic forms.



Statement earrings

The trend for earrings this season seems to be all about color. Big or long, bold and bright, earrings are making a statement in all colors of the rainbow! Take a look at those tropical red and yellow earrings by Dolce & Gabbana in the top picture (right).


Hair decorations are definitely in for spring and summer, ranging from sparkly or gilded tiaras, right through to simple or sporty looking headbands and bandanas. The sparkly tiara in the top picture (left) is by Louis Vuitton.

Mineral or Stones

A trend for statement necklaces for 2016 is based around raw stones and minerals. A large mineral slice necklace was the stand-out accessory from the Hermès collection, while layered pebble and chain necklaces from Giambattista Valli (pictured bottom left in the image below) was also spotlighted on the catwalks.

Collarbone Necklaces

The collarbone necklace is the new choker this season! It sits somewhere below where a choker would usually rest and above the standard neckline.

Chokers are still a major fashion icon though, especially when it comes to fabrics. Silk scarves worn closely around the neck in particular seem to be a trend to follow this season.

Wear fabric chokers wide and layer with another necklace – see the Christian Dior scarf choker (top right in the image below). In addition, long layered necklaces are still fashionable this year.


Last year, we witnessed the trend of layered bracelets. In 2016 however, the trend has moved on a little to be more about the bangle – and the single bangle at that.

Single bangles that incorporate some kind of focal charm like gemstones or tassels are set to be popular (see the Calvin Klein bangle, bottom right of the image below). But don’t worry if you prefer to layer your bracelets. There are still plenty of examples on the catwalks for us to know that the layering trend is going to be around for a while longer!

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Image sources: Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.

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  1. Fashionvela Reply

    The tradition of wearing Jewellery is not developed in recent years but is centuries old. Jewellery, being an integral part of a woman’s life, is worn by almost every woman around the globe. The practice of wearing it never gets old, as women are naturally attracted to it. Jewellery has a wide range of all the accessories to decorate all the parts of your body, example ears, neck, hands, toes, ankles, fingers and even waist. Like the range, jewellery is not just restricted to a particular kind.


  2. Stephen Guyot Reply

    Jewelry is becoming more and more a vehicle for self expression and less and less a homogeneous market. A 2nd read of this article reveals just how extreme these trends are.



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