Sunny Brick Stitch Earrings Pattern

We’re pleased to bring you another free beadweaving pattern today for a pair of cheerful brick stitch earrings! We’ve named this pattern “Sunny” because the colors used in this pattern are reminiscent of warm sunshine. Hopefully, this pattern will get you in the mood for spring.

We’ve covered circular brick stitch as a tutorial already on our blog, but this pattern uses regular brick stitch and you’ll need to be able to increase and decrease your stitches to make the diamond shape for these earrings.

To familiarize yourself with increases and decreases when working in brick stitch, check out this article.

For this project, you’ll need the following:


Sunny Brick Stitch Earrings Pattern

When using brick stitch as a beadweaving technique, it’s helpful to use beads that are uniform in size, like Toho Treasure seed beads.

Your beads will sit nicely together in line if you use beads such as these. Brick stitch can still work if you use round seed beads, but make sure to use high quality seed beads such as Toho rounds. Out of the two types, Toho Treasure seed beads will work best!

In our pattern, we have two seed beads right at the top and we finish with just one at the bottom. This is so that you can make a seed bead loop at the top to easily connect your earwires to.




To make a seed bead loop for the top, make sure your thread is exiting out of the top left bead, thread on 6 or 8 seed beads and go back down through the top right bead with your needle. Reinforce the loop and tie a knot in your thread before trimming.

If you’d prefer your pattern to be totally symmetrical, feel free to add a single bead to the top part of this pattern and stitch a jump ring to that top bead to use in place of a loop.

Once you’ve made one earring, repeat the pattern to make another!

Ready to start beading? Download our free Sunny Brick Stitch Earrings Pattern here!

We hope you enjoy making these brick stitch earrings. For more free beadweaving patterns like this, you might want to check out these:

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