Techniques Tutorial: How to Add a Picot Edge to Beadwork

Adding a picot edge to your beadwork can provide a beautiful finishing touch and it’s so easy to do! In today’s tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to add this kind of detail to your beading projects.

This technique works best when your main beads are positioned with their holes facing outwards, for example in peyote or brick stitch beading projects. Picot edges also look great in bead embroidery work too.

To demonstrate how to use this technique, we made up a sample piece of beadwork in peyote stitch, using size 11/0 Toho Round seed beads and Nymo beading thread. To create the picot edge, we’ve used contrasting colors to break things up a little.

To begin your picot edge, make sure that your thread is exiting out of the end seed bead in your beadwork as shown in Step 1. Pick up three seed beads in contrasting colors onto your needle.

Pass your beading needle down into the very next seed bead in your beadwork. In our sample shown above, this is the seed bead directly to the left of the end seed bead. (You can work in the opposite direction if you prefer by turning your beadwork over.)

Pass your needle back up through the very next seed bead to the one your thread is currently exiting out of. In the example above (Step 3), this is the third seed bead on the right hand side.

Then simply pick up another three seed beads and repeat Step 1 through to Step 3! Continue doing this until you reach the end of your beadwork (see Steps 4 and 5). For an even edge, you’ll need to make sure that your original beadwork has an even number of rows so that your picot edge will sit next to it nicely. Our sample here has 14 rows.

We hope that you enjoyed this beading techniques tutorial and that you’ll have fun adding pretty picot edges to your beading projects!

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