The Most Popular Gemstones for Bridal Jewelry

Every bride wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day and this almost always includes jewelry and accessories. The jewelry a bride chooses can add color to their outfit or just blend in seamlessly, adding an elegant touch. If you’re hoping to add some pretty elements to your special day, here are some of the most popular gemstones for bridal jewelry and also some alternatives you may not have considered yet!

Engagement Rings

When it comes to bridal jewelry, the most important piece tends to be the engagement ring. Some brides like that huge sparkling rock to tell the world they’ve found the right partner, but others like to incorporate a variety of stones in a simple design. The options are in fact endless, but what are the most popular choices?

1. Diamond

This is the most traditional go-to stone to have in your engagement or wedding ring whether that be a huge sparkling diamond or smaller twinkling beauties. Timeless diamond is one of the strongest gemstones and can withstand a lot – they can only be scratched by other diamonds, so they stand the test of time very well. Diamonds are the perfect stone choice for those wanting to start a family heirloom to be passed down through the generations.

Marital Meaning:  eternal love


2. Sapphire

A sapphire’s color can range from the deepest of blues to light gray depending upon its quality. One of the most popular sapphire engagement rings might just be the ring that Prince William bestowed upon Kate Middleton – once belonging to Princess Diana. There have since been many jewelry designers who have created very similar designs for those wanting to add a touch of royalty into their marriage. You can find sapphires in a number of different colors, including pink, purple, black and many more!

Marital Meaning:  fidelity

3. Emerald

Similar to the sapphire’s blue; the lush green of an emerald distinguishes the quality of this stone, those which are deeper and more vibrant are usually worth more than lighter or more cloudy stones.

Marital Meaning: wisdom and hope

4. Pearl

Pearls are such distinguished things, although not technically a gemstone, they are widely used in bridal jewellery and can often be found in engagement rings. Coming in a range of hues and sizes, pearls can be elegantly used within a ring design to create something traditional yet unique.

Marital Meaning: innocence and purity

5. Peridot

The stand out green of a peridot is often overlooked by brides, but they make the perfect companion to diamonds and look absolutely stunning on brides with a darker complexion. To create a beautifully colorful engagement ring, mix peridot with sapphire, ruby and citrine.

Marital Meaning: good luck

6. Morganite

Morganite makes the perfect gemstone choice for a true girly-girl. The soft, subtle hue of pink is highly sought after by brides and this stone is often found in larger pieces, making big engagement rings more accessible.

Marital Meaning: compassion and promise

7. Ruby

Ruby red is a daring colour for an engagement ring, so any guys making this their choice will have to be pretty confident it’s what their bride will want. Although the ruby is one of the top choices for brides, often seen as regal. Good quality rubies should stand the test of time almost as well as diamonds.

Marital Meaning: passion and love

8. Garnet

Garnet stones tend to be a deeper shade of red than the more pink-toned ruby and are often found in vintage engagement rings due to the stones popularity in years gone by. Pearls look very elegant alongside garnet!

Marital Meaning: fertility and sacrifice

9. Topaz

This is another stone which comes in many colors, which means they can suit almost any bride. These color variations are caused by “imperfections” in the stone, but beauty is often found in imperfections. The clearer the topaz stone, the higher the quality and the most natural state of topaz is almost colorless.

Marital Meaning: trust and success


Other Jewelry

Of course, on the big day, there’s more than just the rings to be worn. Some brides will splash out on a dripping diamond necklace with matching earrings and bracelet but not everyone has the budget for that and to be honest, there are heaps of beautiful gemstones to choose from – why limit yourself?

Alternative Gemstones for Bridal Jewelry

We are living in a time where we want things to be as unique as possible and for our weddings we want things to be extra special. With so many talented jewelry makers and designers out there, the scope to create bespoke bridal jewelry is huge! Here are some gorgeous alternatives to diamonds for wedding accessories:

White Wedding

If you want something a little more unique, but still want to keep it traditional, opal and moonstone are both great options.

Opals make beautiful jewelry, whether that be for an engagement ring or other items. The shifting colors in an opal are almost mesmerizing to look at which is perfect for a bride hoping to capture everyone’s attention as she walks down the aisle.

Marital Meaning: creativity and dreams

Moonstone is a more budget-friendly alternative to opal but still just as beautiful. The rainbow variety has shifting colors under its surface and looks magical. Moonstone may not be suited to an engagement ring as it can wear over time, however, worn as a beaded necklace or stud earrings, it is a perfect option for a white wedding.

Marital Meaning: femininity

Something Blue

Aquamarine, lapis and turquoise all come in a variety of shades of blue, making them a great option for your ‘something blue’. A delicate hint of blue could be added using simple stud earrings or a thin bracelet.

– The matte colorings of turquoise can look stunning paired with the sparkle of diamonds, however, turquoise can make gorgeous addition to a bohemian brides wedding day outfit.

Marital Meaning: love and protection

Lapis lazuli: a deeper blue with flecks of gold would look amazing if worn with other gold accessories. Again, this might be a good gemstone choice for a boho bride.

Marital Meaning: truth and friendship

– For all the mermaids out there, aquamarine makes a beauteous blue option for your big day. Dainty drop earrings of this stone would complement any bride in a strapless or bardot dress.

Marital Meaning: heartfelt communication

Feminine Appeal

Two beautiful gemstones, perfect for a girly bride are rose quartz and amethyst. Their pink and purple coloring would look stunning with a white or ivory dress.

Rose quartz. The stone of the heart and all things love related would be the obvious choice you might think, but it is often overlooked due to its semi-precious status. This luscious pink stone would look amazing worn as a pendant with a lower cut dress.

Marital Meaning: love

Amethyst comes in a range of purple hues which could be suited to any bride’s tastes. Many people choose to have amethyst shades for their bridesmaid dresses and wedding decor, so the gemstone could be incorporated quite nicely into the bridal jewelry too!

Marital Meaning: faithful love and passion


Muted Beauty

There are so many other amazing gemstones which could be utilized in a bride’s accessories, some with brighter colors than others. These muted toned crystals below will fit into any color scheme and enhance any wedding dress.

Tourmaline can be found in so many different colors and shades, but for more fine jewelry, the deep forest green variety is the most popular. A fine silver bracelet with tourmaline settings would look amazing with an ivory Grecian style wedding dress.

Marital Meaning: gratitude and tenderness

Onyx is another stone which can be a multitude of colors. The deepest, darkest black onyx is the most prevalent in finer jewelry. This would be the perfect option for a not-so-traditional bride, maybe with a Gothic style.

Marital Meaning: strength and perseverance

– Normally gray in color, labradorite is another beautiful gemstone which has shifting colors under the surface. Labradorite comes in varying shades of gray – light grey would be the most complementary to a wedding dress.

Marital Meaning: adventure and change

– The peachy tones in sunstone are similar to that of morganite, however sunstone has a more bohemian vibe – usually used in a polished form rather than cut. Sunstone would make a fabulous centerpiece to an engagement ring cluster.

Marital Meaning: love and enthusiasm

With a plethora of gorgeous gemstones to choose from, you might have a hard decision ahead of you when choosing your bridal jewelry. The best place to start is by thinking about color and then considering your wedding dress style – whether it would be suited to a necklace, bracelet and earrings set or just some delicate studs. The world is your oyster (in fact, mother of pearl jewelry can be just as stunning as gemstones)!




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  2. One of the best ways to create a beautiful and unique bridal style is by wearing gemstone jewelry instead of traditional diamonds. Whether you opt for a pink sapphire engagement ring, or choose blue topaz to accent a white wedding dress, gemstones offer a stunning way to add natural color to your bridal palette.



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