Top 5 Picks for Steampunk Jewelry

Steampunk was first identified as a concept in the 1980s when it came about a sub-genre of science fiction writing, fueled by books like “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells and “Around the World in 80 Days” by Jules Verne.

Steampunk focuses around a fictitious era based on Victorian Britain in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Think fantasy, science fiction, whimsical, steam powered technology, culture, fashion and art all combined together and you’ll get steampunk. It’s a blend of the above.

Steampunk began as a form of fiction but it soon became a trend in the fashion industry in its own right. Steampunk jewelry combines all sorts of different elements from Victorian filigree pieces, to hardware and gadgetry right through to anything remotely inventive that follows a science fiction or fantasy theme.

The great thing about steampunk style jewelry is the amount of fun you can have coming up with different creative pieces! In this post, we’ve picked out some of our favorite beads and findings that could be used to make steampunk jewelry – and we’ve put together an amazing showcase from talented artists around the web to demonstrate the style.



1. Black beads

The use of the color black is popular in steampunk jewelry especially when fabrics like lace and velvet are being used. Black beads and other components are often used for added decoration too. Steampunk jewelry often has gothic associations and you may see fictitious and real life characters portrayed in some way such as Dracula, Jack the Ripper and Queen Victoria.

Take a look at this stunning gothic lace Victorian steampunk choker necklace by Dark Elegance Designs. The use of the color black, coupled with Victorian elements like the lace choker style make this piece a great example of Victorian based steampunk jewelry.

2. Filigree style findings

Filigree is the name for intricate metalwork that has an almost lace-like appearance. Filigree pieces are typical of Victorian style jewelry. You can find filigree findings such as bead cones or bead caps in bright silver and gold, however usually in steampunk jewelry, brass and gunmetal or darkened silver filigree pieces are used.

These emerald green steampunk earrings by Jalycme and this metallic purple Victorian steampunk necklace by Titanic Temptations show how filigree findings can be used to create beautiful Victorian style steampunk jewelry.

3. Charms

Charms and gadgetry are often used to create steampunk jewelry, particularly those that have an inventive or creative feel to it. For example, scissors, angel wings, keys, lockets, photo frames, watch movements or anything that follows a fantasy theme can be added as a charm.

In this eye-catching steampunk charm bracelet from Just as Strange as I Am, there are numerous brass steampunk charms used.

4. Skull beads

Skull beads are another popular component for use in Day of the Dead or steampunk jewelry. Skull beads along with copper coin charms have been used in this colorful piece below from Viva Gail Beads.

5. Antique brass findings

Many steampunk style jewelry pieces consist of a mixture of metals, especially antique brass (gunmetal is also popular). You’ll see a lot of charms, chain and other components.

In this stunning long Alice in Wonderland necklace below from Gallagher’s Boutique, many brass findings have been used to make this piece, including jump rings, a bail and chain.

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*Jewelry images sourced from individual artists.

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