Tutorial – Colorful Hippie Bracelet

Hippie themed jewelry is right on trend for spring/summer 2015. You don’t have to go flower power crazy though to sport the hippie look. Today’s hippie jewelry is all about color diversity, different shapes, feathery fringes, and examples can be delicately subtle as well as eye-catching enough to make a statement.

This tutorial will explain how to make this colorful and delicate hippie themed bracelet, which can be worn with any outfit!

You’ll need the following materials:

  • Selection of 4mm cube beads in various colors.
  • Gold plated cable chain with small links.
  • Gold plated headpins and eyepins.
  • Gold plated jump rings and clasp.
  • Beading needle and gold beading thread.
  • Round nose and flat nose pliers.
  • Wire cutters.

Step 1

The main part of this bracelet is a colorful block of cubed beads, which have been stitched together using peyote stitch. There is a separate tutorial on how to do peyote stitch on our blog, in case you’ve not tried this before.

In this tutorial, our block of cube beads is 4 beads wide per row and is long enough to sit across the top of the wrist, but you can make it as long or as short as you want to.

Step 2

Cut two strips of the gold plated chain with your wire cutters and ensure the length of both is roughly the same size. The strips need to be around half an inch longer than the peyote block of cubes on both sides as shown in this picture.

Step 3

Make sure your needle and thread is exiting out of one of the end cube beads on one side. Then begin to stitch the chain to the peyote block. This part can be a little fiddly as the chain will move around a little, but once you’ve done a few stitches, it becomes easier!

To stitch the chain to the peyote block, simply thread through one of the chain links and then go under the bridge of thread on the peyote block, which is directly under that particular chain link. Line up the chain and repeat all the way across. You may find that you’ll be stitching every second chain link to the peyote block if your chain links are small, like in this tutorial.

Step 4

Repeat step 3 on the other side of the peyote block of cubed beads.

Step 5

To make a connector for this bracelet, use one of your gold plated eyepins and slide on a couple of cube beads. Use round nose pliers to bend the eyepin over to one side, ready to make a loop.

Step 6

Use your round nose pliers again to curl the eyepin wire over to make a small loop which matches the loop on the opposite end. Make another one of these so that you’ll have a bracelet connector on both sides of your bracelet.

Step 7

Connect the chains that are stitched to the peyote block together using your jump rings. Prise the jump rings apart with your flat nose and round nose pliers and then attach them to the chain links at both ends of the peyote block.

Step 8

Once your jump rings are in place, you can add your connectors to either side of the bracelet, using your pliers to open and close the loops. Measure your wrist to see how much chain you’ll need to finish the bracelet and then cut off the amount you’ll need, making sure to leave enough room for your clasp in the middle.

You can add an extension chain to your clasp if you’re making this for a gift for someone and you don’t know their wrist size. In this tutorial, we’ve added a chain with a cubed bead at the end for a little decoration.

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