Tutorial: How to Do Beaded Blanket Stitch

If you like to customize clothes or if you work with felt in your jewelry making or whatever, you will more than likely enjoy this little DIY project. It can be applied to so many things, so it really is fun!

What is Blanket Stitch?

Blanket stitch is a decorative stitch which is often used to finish the edge of a blanket or fabric that is too thick to hem and it is also used when creating buttonholes. The stitch pattern that is created with a blanket stitch is made from vertical lines with horizontal lines sitting along the edge of the fabric.

So let’s add some beads to this super simple stitch:

Tools and Materials

  • Scissors
  • Thread (thicker than normal sewing thread)
  • Beads (ours are 6mm)
  • Item of clothing/fabric project



Step 1

Thread your needle and make sure that your beads fit over the eye of the needle and onto the thread. Then tie a knot in the end of your thread – we used a single thread rather than doubling the thread, but if you want a thicker look, you could opt for double.

Step 2

Start by pushing your threaded needle through the fabric from behind – this means the knot will be on the back.

If you are using two layers of fabric, you can hide tails in between the fabric layers.

Step 3

Since we’re using this beaded blanket stitch on a jacket pocket, we need to create the first holding stitch by making a knot. To do this, push your needle up through the same hole that your thread is coming from and wrap the thread around your needle twice before pulling through. Once the needle and thread are pulled all the way through, the double wrap will form a neat knot at the top of the pocket edge.

Step 4

Add your bead onto the thread and create a blanket stitch to hold it in place.

Push the needle through from the front, pull through and hook your needle through the loop created (front to back so this brings the loop up to the top edge of the pocket) and pull to create the vertical straight line before adding another bead.

Make sure to keep your stitches nice and even – the width of the bead should be equal to the length of your vertical stitch (or close to equal).

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 until you’ve completed the entire edge of the pocket, remembering to add your bead before creating the stitch!

Step 6

Once you have completed your row of beaded blanket stitch, push the needle through the loop next to the bead again – in the same way you did to create the blanket stitch. Then push the needle through the top of the pocket edge and come out of the back (inside of the pocket) and create a regular knot to finish your sewing.

Step 7

Trim off the thread and admire your newly decorated pockets!

There are so many ways that you can add this beaded stitch to your craft projects or old clothes. So if you’re feeling inspired by the pocket edges, you could try out one of the projects below:

  • Other pockets – you could decorate your jean pockets or shirt pockets too!
  • Decorated sleeves – whether you have a long sleeve or short sleeve top, adding beads around the sleeve edge will make a plain top look a little bit special.
  • Cushion edging – bling your throw pillows out with some pretty beaded blanket stitch.
  • Dress decoration – this could be a fun project to try around the bottom of a dress or a skirt. Just don’t use sharp faceted beads as you won’t be comfy sitting down.
  • Shoe glitz – if you have soft shoes or a strong needle, you could add this beaded edging to a pair of shoes to give them a new lease of life.
  • Felt shapes – you could use this stitch on felt shapes which have been decorated with buttons (or more beads), to create a pretty, decorative edge. These shapes could be used as pendants or to make brooches.

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