Tutorial: How to do Flat Even Count Peyote Stitch

This week, I’m excited to introduce a brand new series of beadweaving tutorials here at Golden Age Beads. The first part in this series explains step by step how to beadweave in flat even count peyote stitch using seed beads and also how to add a striped pattern to your beadwork. You can follow these instructions to make a beautiful peyote stitch bracelet, ring, earrings, or necklace for example. If you’ve never done peyote stitch before, you’ll find it very addictive!

For this tutorial, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Toho Treasure seed beads in two different colors – these seed beads are very uniform in shape and size, which makes them perfect for this kind of beading project. This tutorial uses size 11/0 beads but you can use size 8/0 if you prefer which will make this tutorial easier if you’re new to peyote stitch.
  • Size 10 or 12 beading needle.
  • Beading thread such as Nymo.


Step 1

First of all, thread your needle with the beading thread. The next thing to do when starting your peyote stitch is to create a stop bead. This will help your beadwork to stay in place and you won’t end up with seed beads dropping off the tail of your thread!

To create a stop bead, pick up one seed bead with your needle and slide it down the thread leaving around a 6 or 8 inch tail. Go back through the seed bead in the same direction so that it fixes into place and won’t slide off. You can use the tail later to create a clasp if you’re making a bracelet or you can just weave it back into your beadwork. Make sure to use the same color bead as you’ll be using for your first few rows of peyote stitch.

Step 2

Once you’ve made your stop bead, pick up some seed beads in the same color. How many is up to you, as it depends on the width that you need for your project. However, for this technique, make sure that you have an even number for your rows including the stop bead. In this tutorial, the stop bead is counted as number 1 and then we pick up 11 more seed beads to make a total of 12 seed beads for the first row.

Step 3

When you have the desired number of seed beads on your thread, you can start the second and third row. Although this will seem like your second row, in peyote stich, this will form the third row too! In order to make your second and third row, you’ll be picking up some new beads and using some of the beads from the first row too. When working in peyote stitch, you count the rows from the corner of your beadwork, diagonally.

To start the second and third row, add one seed bead in the same color onto your thread (in this tutorial, this is bead 13). Then, working backwards, miss out a bead (number 12) and go back through bead 11. You’ll need to make sure that beads 12 and 13 are sitting on top of each other and try not to let them flip over the other way. This part is quite fiddly but once the first few rows are out of the way, peyote stitch becomes much easier!

Step 4

Continue the row by working backwards – picking up a new bead, skipping a bead and going through the next one as shown in this picture. You’ll start to notice a building block pattern forming in your beadwork. Keep pulling your beadwork into place as you go so that your seed beads sit nicely on top of each other.


Step 5

At the end of this row, you’ll actually have completed rows 2 and 3 and your beadwork should look something like this image!

Step 6

Continue another row by skipping a bead, picking up a new bead and going through the next seed bead in the row. At the end of this step, you’ll be able to count 4 seed beads in a row diagonally, which means that you’ll have completed 4 rows in total.

Step 7

In this tutorial, after completing 4 rows, we change color to introduce a striped pattern. You can either change the color of your seed bead or carry on as you are. Just repeat steps 3 to 5 to create another row.

Step 8

The pattern in this tutorial uses 4 rows of gray and 4 rows of red beads. Continue three more rows so that you have 4 rows in total to give you an even stripe.

Step 9

Repeat steps 3 to 8 to create more stripes for your peyote stitch beadwork.




Step 10

Continue working in flat even count peyote stitch forming stripes as you stitch until your beadwork is the length that you need it to be for your jewelry project!

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