How to Make a Loop in a Head or Eye Pin

Head or eye pins are often used in jewelry making for making charms or earrings. Head pins have a flat or round stopper at one end to stop beads from falling off and eye pins have a loop at one end already so that they can easily be used as a connector.

In this article, we’ll explain how to make a loop in a head pin after threading on a few beads. Exactly the same process can be used for eye pins.

Step 1

Thread on your beads onto the head pin and using your round nose pliers, press tightly right above the last bead you’ve threaded on. Pull the remaining wire across to one side as shown in the above image.

Step 2

To make a nice sized loop, you’ll need to use around 1cm of wire. If you have any more than this leftover after threading your beads on, trim off the excess now with wire cutters before you attempt to make a loop.

Step 3

Place your round nose pliers around the tip of the head pin wire and pressing tightly, roll it inwards towards your beads. Your aim is to roll the the loop into place so that the wire follows the natural curve of the pliers. Try not to pull it or let go halfway through as this can result in the loop being misshapen.

Step 4

When you’ve finished, your loop should rest against the last bead you threaded on. You can then use your component to make a charm or add an ear wire to make some simple earrings!

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