How to Open and Close a Jump Ring

Jump rings can be used for a variety of purposes in jewelry making. Generally they are used as connectors, for example, in order to attach a bracelet or necklace to a clasp. You can buy different sorts of jump rings depending on your requirements.

Open jump rings have a slight cut at the top which can be prised open easily with pliers. Closed jump rings are soldered all the way around and are useful if you need to add a more secure fixing to your project.

Split rings are almost the same as jump rings, except that the ring has more than one coil - it overlaps a bit like a keyring holder, so that you have to slide it onto another component. These can be helpful if you need a secure fixing but you don’t have access to a closed jump ring.

Opening and closing an “open” jump ring

There is a wrong way and a right way to open up a jump ring that has a cut. This is the correct way - using two pairs of pliers (either round nose or flat nose pliers) pull open the ring in an opposite direction as shown in the picture above. Round nose pliers are better to use because they have a thinner tip but you can do this with flat nose pliers too.

The wrong way to open a jump ring like this is to pull the ring outwards to the side. If you do that, you’ll find it tricky to push the ring back together.

By pulling the ring apart in an opposite direction, you can simply close the ring in exactly the same way. This ensures that the two ends of the ring meet in the middle neatly so that there is no gap for your jewelry to come loose.

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