How to Use Crimp Beads or Tubes

Crimp beads or tubes are very handy findings to use when stringing beads together to make jewelry such as bracelets or necklaces. They are often used at the beginning and end of a string of beads as they perform the very important task of ensuring the beads won’t fall off the end of the beading wire.

Step 1

This image above shows how a crimp bead can be used to attach a clasp at one end of a bracelet or necklace. Thread the crimp bead on first, then the clasp and then thread your wire back through the crimp bead as shown.

Step 2

Using flat nose pliers, squash your crimp bead until it becomes flat and so that it won’t move. This ensures the clasp remains in place and you can begin threading beads onto the wire. Thread the tail end through a few beads too before trimming off. When you’ve finished stringing beads, you can repeat the crimp closure at the other end.

Other uses for crimp beads

Another way to use crimp beads is as a stopper in between beads to make them stay in place, for example in a floating bead and wire layered necklace.

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