How to Use Crimp Covers

You can use crimp covers to hide crimp beads when you’re making jewelry. They are designed to look just like a spacer bead and are great for adding a decorative touch to finish off your project. Find out how to use crimp covers below.

Step 1

Once your crimp bead is in place and has been squashed or flattened to keep your beads secure, you can place the crimp cover over it, so that the crimp bead lies inside it.

Step 2

Using flat nose pliers, gently press the crimp cover together so that it encases the crimp bead.

Step 3

The finished result should look as though you’ve added a spacer bead to your project – much more pretty than having a crimp bead showing on its own!

This article forms part of our Beading Basics section. Take a look around for more handy beading tips! You might also like to check out our range of crimp covers here.

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