How to Use Ribbon Ends

You can use ribbon ends to finish off a ribbon bracelet or choker necklace. They not only look beautiful, they also provide something to attach a clasp to, as they having a connecting loop. Ribbon ends offer the benefit of being very easy to use too.

It’s important to make sure you have the right size ribbon end for the ribbon that you’re using. If you don’t, the ribbon end could look a bit too big or small for the project you’re making, for example. Your ribbon should fit neatly inside the ribbon end and not overlap.

Step 1

Ribbon ends have teeth! Place your ribbon carefully inside the ribbon end so the teeth overlap the ribbon as shown in the above photo.

Step 2

Use your flat nose pliers to gently press the ribbon end shut. You can use glue inside your ribbon end if you want it to be extra secure, but generally they hold pretty well without.

This article forms part of our Beading Basics section. Take a look around for more handy tutorials like this. You may also want to check out our range of beautiful ribbon ends here!

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