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Jasper is a variety of quartz or chalcedony, that is almost always opaque in color. It comes in many different varieties and colors, though it is rarely blue. Jasper is a very commonly found stone, mined all over the world, but predominately in India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Egypt, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, and the United States. This stone is vitreous in luster and can be found in nearly every color, including white, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, brown, gray, black, banded, and multicolored. It is almost always found in its natural state, although it can be infrequently dyed or heated to enhance its natural coloring. 

Jasper appears in many different varieties, and is known for its unique colorations. It can be mottled, speckled, striped, ringed, and more. It is an ancient gemstone, referenced in the bible and used by cultures throughout the ages for many purposes. It was used to make bow drills as far back as 5000 BCE, and can be traced to many different cultures including Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Greek, and Roman, it is even referenced in the Bible.

This stone is known for its metaphysical properties, and is used primarily as a nurturing stone. It promotes gentleness, comfort, relaxation, and protection. It balances ying/yang energies, bringing healing and ease to its wearer. It also promotes inner beauty, bringing about inner emotional healing and promoting tranquility. There are many different types of jasper, which each have slightly different properties, but are always known as "the nurturing stone."

Jasper can be cut into cameos, beads, and cabochons and used in jewelry of many kinds. We have many different varieties, including Picture Jasper, Imperial Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Sesame Jasper, Red Jasper, Zebra Jasper, Artistic Jasper, Red Creek Jasper, Snakeskin Jasper, Autumn Jasper, Dalmation Jasper, and Leopardskin Jasper. Check out our comprehensive collection in many different cuts and styles to find the stone that is perfect for your next jewelry project!


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