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Pyrite, a metallic mineral, is composed of Iron and Sulphur atoms bound together in the ratio of 1:2 (FeS2) and falls in the Sulphide minerals category. It derives its name from the Greek word ‘pry’, meaning ‘fire’, as it tends to create sparks when struck against steel. Pyrite is an extremely common mineral which is usually found in metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks throughout the world. Some of the important producing countries are Spain, the United States, Canada, Japan, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Peru and Russia.

Pyrite has a metallic luster and a pale brassy-yellow hue, providing it a superficial resemblance to Gold. During old mining days, the naïve gold prospectors mistook little pieces of pyrite for gold, due to which the mineral was nicknamed ‘Fool’s Gold’. Its opaque crystals often grow in a cubic habitat displaying isometric symmetry. Although it is known for its brassy yellow color, Pyrite can sometimes display greenish-black streaks and when ground into powder, its color appears to be a rich greenish-black.

Pyrite is known for its metaphysical properties as well. Tying it up with its resemblance to gold, traditionally it is known as a ‘stone of luck,’ which attracts wealth, abundance and prosperity to its user. It is also believed to be a stone of intellect and protection, providing intelligence, logic, analysis, creativity, mental stability, along with shielding its users from any negativity.

Pyrite is one of the oldest mineral known to man. In early times, it was once used to ignite fire and firearms, as a source of sulphur, and was polished to be used as mirrors. It was also used to make Marcasite jewelry by ancient Greeks which again became popular in the Victorian Era.

Pyrite, as it is available in abundance, is an affordable material. Today, it is fairly popular among collectors and used as an ornamental stone. When cut, faceted, and polished, it can be used as an inexpensive gemstone in rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, in costume jewelry, brooches, belts etc. Browse through our store to find an extensive collection of Pyrite beads of all kinds of shapes, sizes and finishes. Pick the ones you love and pair them with silver, pearls, and other components to make your own version of Marcasite jewelry!

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