Size D Light Tan Nylon Nymo® Thread, 64 yd Bobbin

Size D Light Tan Nylon Nymo® Thread, 64 yd Bobbin

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   Quantity:   64-yard bobbin

   Color:   Light Tan

   Material:   Nylon

per 64-yard bobbin


Nymo, a nylon monofilament beading thread, is a popular choice for a variety stringing, looming and stitching needs. It is very strong but fray easily, so waxing before use is advisable. This thread is perfect for stringing Toho seed beads or any other small size beads. Size D is an all-rounder size which can be used with any size seed beads and beading needles.

Dimensions: size D (0.3mm diameter)

Sold by: 64 yards (192 feet) bobbin

Color may vary between dye lots.

Product Details
Size D (0.3mm)
Quantity 64-yard bobbin
Color Light Tan
Material Nylon
Origin USA

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