Wholesale Terms & Conditions

To join our wholesale program, you need to:

1) have a business registered to collect sales tax from your customers;

2) indicate that your purchases will be for resale.

Please submit a resale certificate (might also be called an exemption certificate in your state) after creating a wholesale account here: https://www.goldenagebeads.com/account/register. We will verify the information and approve your account if everything looks good.

First of all, what is wholesale? It is an official term that outlines a process of purchasing goods for resale, either intact or as part of other products. Usually, sales tax isn't charged on such purchases to avoid duplicate tax collection, since the item isn't done changing hands and the tax should only be collected on the final transaction.

There is an exemption to this rule, and that is dropshipping. Let's say, you are a jewelry designer based in Louisiana and you are registered to collect sales tax in that state. You won't be paying sales tax on your purchases, but only if they get shipped to Louisiana. If you would like them to go to any other state, you would need to provide a resale certificate for that state as well or pay the tax. Please consider this important information, as we reserve the right to cancel orders at any time (as per our general Terms & Conditions).

Business customers registered in or shipping to New Hampshire, Oregon, Montana, Alaska and Delaware don't need to provide the resale certificate since those states don't have sales tax.

We would be happy to convert your existing retail account to wholesale if requested, and vice versa.

Wholesale Discounts

There is no minimum order for wholesale! All accounts are enrolled in our wholesale discount program, which is based on the total purchase volume over the preceding one-year period. The VIP Level discount is automatically applied in your cart* once you reach a certain discount level.

*to regular price items (that are not already on sale)

The amount used to calculate your discount level will be reduced by any refunds or cancellations.

This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or coupon codes.

Discount Levels
VIP Level Qualified Yearly Spending Discount
Silver $1,000.00 10%
Gold $3,000.00 15%
Platinum $5,000.00 20%
Diamond $7,000.00 25%
Meteorite $10,000.00 30%

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